An invitation

bp4If you are in Exeter this Friday, then do come along to the University’s Innovation Centre for the preview of ‘Bedrock & Paradox’. I will be there from 5.30 to 7.30pm and it would be lovely to see you. This show has been organised by CCANW. Thank you Clive and Martyn for all your help.

Bedrock & Paradox

Bedrock & Paradox smallTaking its title from Edward Abbey’s book ‘Desert Solitaire’, I’ve got an exhibition coming up at the University of Exeter’s Innovation Centre. The show opens on 23rd. More details to follow shortly…


TestcardF1000I have been meaning to write a post around the word ‘hiatus’ for some time, as it seemed to be the best word to describe where I am with my work at the moment: and then the EU referendum hit! This has brought up so much sadness, many contradictory thoughts and strong emotions, much soul searching – and will undoubtedly feed into my next piece of work. But in the meanwhile… a hiatus… in work, in life and in this blog. [Image]


CO2nasa smNews today that even Antarctica is now experiencing 400ppm CO2 levels. We are truly Generation CO2! We hear a lot about the stress it is putting on our environment, the new volatility in weather, the political stress as resources shift/become scarce; but what about the cultural stress, how we represent the world to ourselves? That’s where I am headed next… [Image from NASA animation]

Staring at…

blank sm…the proverbial blank sheet of paper. In my case, it is not trying to work out what to do, got plenty of ideas there, but how to do it, financially. Have you noticed: the pic looks like it is not straight, as the edges of the white area compete with the edges of the picture to be the vertical.



Encounter with the crocodile man

McBurney smSimon McBurney in The Encounter at the Oxford Playhouse last night: a master class is vibrant, visceral, thoughtful relevant theatre. McBurney himself was, quite literally, the encounter. And for me, one who uses a lot of technology in their work, a master class also in the soulful use of technology; never being swayed by its inherent possibilities beyond how it could be bent to his playful creative purpose, to his storytelling. There was loop pedal, some neat 3D video mapping, a seamless multilayered soundscape, microphones of various descriptions, pitch modulation and reverb, to mention just two filters, and some pretty cool stage lighting. This guy is in a class of his own. I first saw him in The Street of Crocodiles about 20 years ago; he was brilliant then and remains so. The performance last night was followed by a talk between McBurney and the scientist Marcus de Sautoy. What a disappointment; de Sautoy had the cheek to use the opportunity to publicise his new book. Boo!