Huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’

It was for The Field magazine that F.M. Halford wrote about dry fly fishing under the pen name of the Detached Badger. The Field covered (and still does) anything to do with hunting, shooting and fishing – perhaps that is Halford himself fishing the Test there on the right of the magazine’s historic banner illustration. [If you know who drew this illustration then please get in touch as I would like to credit them.]


Hot, chalk, gold

Chalk size smPhew! Sweating away here in the studio. It is so hot today that everything is working double quick. The glue I am using to seal the chalk is drying in minutes, rather than hours; and I am experiencing the power of chalk to absorb, usually water (to form a chalk aquifer, something that adds to the characteristic clear steady flow found in chalk streams) but in this instance layer upon layer of ‘size’ (the name for the type of glue I am using). I could seal with something else, such as PVA, but I want to minimise the different materials used and as size is what I will be using to finally stick the gold leaf onto the chalk then I would prefer to use that for sealing too. A bit of a technical blog today, but then some days are like that.