A fish fell from the sky…

Will need a fish for the play, so I made a quick scan at the fishmongers this morning to see what it might look like in 3D.  It was quite late in the day, which meant that many had already been sold. I will need to come back just after the fishmonger has laid out in the morning – that will be an early start! I will have to see whether I can get them to remove the orange price tickets for me.

Capturing a piece of driftwood

This is an initial ‘point cloud’, the first step in capturing the 3D shape of a piece of driftwood, needed for the play. I had it set up on a wire structure above my dining table. You can see the table (brown plane below), a blue picture on the wall, the green of the trees through the window, and suspended above the tabletop the piece of driftwood. I’ve isolated the wood inside a box ready for the next step of making a more detailed point cloud, and then the final 3D shape. I love the way these point clouds hint at the world, but leave you guessing about so much.


For those of you subscribed to this blog, a quick update on Surface Tensions. From here on in I am going to be posting on Instagram, rather than via WordPress. If you would like to continue following my progress, then you will find me @surface.tensions. Hope to see you there!

Artful Dodger Reboot

I started this blog with one of Halford’s flies – No.77, the Artful Dodger. So to end my most recent day in the VR Cave at the Corsham Institute I wanted to do my interpretation of Halford’s original pattern. So here it is, the Artful Dodger Reboot. Anyone want to try this one out on the Test? Neil?