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Connected by trow

Woodspriing trow glosWoodspring Priory is often described as ‘isolated’, partly because it is right at the edge of the land on the coast of the Severn Estuary. But that hasn’t always been so. These waters used to be plied by Severn Trows, small cargo sailing boats that would transport grain and other goods up and down the Severn Estuary. At one time the Priory has its own waterway, so that the boats could come right up to the edge of the estate to offload. So if you think of the water, as well as the land, then Woodspring is not so isolated, not so cut off. In this picture you can see the collapsable mast of this boat design which allowed it to pass under the bridge at Gloucester, also on the Severn, and travel on up to Tewkesbury. I like this picture (engraving 1798, from a drawing by C. Catton), as it connects me to Woodspring. I live right next to the cathedral pictured on the left (but Gloucester, apart from the cathedral, doesn’t look quite like this today!)

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